Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Nabe is the most popular and the easiest Japanese food in winter. Nabe is a meal that cooked in a hot pot at the table. Various ingredients are cooked in the pot such as
spring onion, Chinese cabbage, corn marigold, shitake mashrooms, carrot, Japanese radish, thin-sliced beef, pork, chicken, oysters, cod, king prowns, crabs, clams, tofu, bean-starch noodles and anything you like!! They are usually cooked in weak soup but Japanese sometimes cook them just in boiled water and dip the cooked ingredients in vinegar and soysause (called "ponzu").
There are some kinds of soup (for 4 people):
1.Soy sauce base: Mix 5cups of fish & konbu (seaweed) soup stock, 1/2cup of soy sause, 1/2cup of mirin(sweetened rice wine for seasoning) and a bit of sugar
2.Miso base: Mix 5cups of water, konbu, 8&1/2 table spoon full Miso, 2&1/2 table spoon full mirin, 1 table spoon full of sugar
3.Soy sause & Miso base: Mix 2cups of fish & konbu soup stock, 1/3cup of soysauce, 1/3cup of mirin, 1/3cup of sake, 1 table soonfull of miso

In the picture here, we just used ready to eat soy sauce nabe soup which we can buy at Japanese super market for around 400yen. It's the laziest way. You just cut some vegitables and put everything in the soup.
We cooked risotto with the left over soup and fresh egg after eating all the ingredients.

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